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Conference Program

ICTAI 2017 will take place from November 6 to November 8, 2017.

The Program of IEEE CTAI 2017 may be viewed below.

IEEE ICTAI 2017 Program

DAY 1 – MONDAY November 6, 2017

7:30am – 8:20am: Registration and Breakfast time [Foyer by Ballroom A]
8.20am – 8.30am: Welcome by ICTAI 2017 Chairs [Ballroom A]
8:30am – 9:30am: Keynote Talk 1 [Ballroom A]
– Prof. George Tsihrintzis, University of Piraeus, Greece
Title: Classification with Significant Class Imbalance and Applications in Software
9.30am – 9.45am: Break
9:45am – 12:15 pm: Technical Sessions (1.1, 1.2, and 1.3)
1.1 LEARNING I – [Ballroom A] – {Nov. 6 @ 9.45am- 12.15pm}
Session Chairs: Miltos Alamaniotis
A Concept Filtering Approach for Diverse Density to Discover Subgoals in Reinforcement Learning,
Alper Demir, Erkin Çilden and Faruk Polat
Self-paced Learning based Multi-view Spectral Clustering, Hong Yu, Yahong Lian, Linlin Zong and Linlin
Identifying Discriminative Attributes to Gain Insights Regarding Child Obesity in Hispanic Preschoolers
Using Machine Learning Techniques, Paul Wiechmann, Karina Lora, Paul Branscum and Jicheng Fu
Optimal Value of Information in Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Sarthak Ghosh and C. R. Ramakrishnan
AFCS – Automatic Fisheries Classification System Using Deep Learning, Guang Chen, Peng Sun and Yi
AEDR: An Adaptive Mechanism to Achieve Online Learning Rate Dynamically, Jinjing Zhang and Li LiAn Effective Deep Learning Approach for Unobtrusive Sleep Stage Detection using Microphone Sensor,
Yuxin Zhang, Yiqiang Chen, Lisha Hu, Xinlong Jiang and Jianfei Shen
1.2 NEURAL MODELS I – [Ballroom B] – {Nov. 6 @ 9.45am- 12.15pm}
Session Chairs: Alex Brodsky
Convolutional Neural Networks over Control Flow Graphs for Software Defect Prediction, Anh Phan,
Nguyen Le Minh and Lam Thu Bui
Recognition of Mammal Genera on Camera-Trap Images using Multi-Layer Robust Principal
Component Analysis and Mixture Neural Networks, Jhony-Heriberto Giraldo-Zuluaga, Augusto Salazar,
Alexander Gomez and Angélica Diaz-Pulido
Asymmetric Ternary Networks, Jie Ding, Junmin Wu and Huan Wu
A New Deep Neighbor-Residual Neural Network For Protein Secondary Structure Prediction, Chao
Fang, Yi Shang and Dong Xu
SDF-NN: A Deep Neural Network with Semantic Dropping and Fusion for Natural Language Inference,
Ludan Tan, Changjian Wang, Yuxing Peng, Qin Lv, Minghao Hu and Xiang Zhao
PeMapNet: Action Recognition from Depth Videos Using Pyramid Energy Maps on Neural Networks,
Jiahao Li, Hejun Wu and Xinrui Zhou
Time-Frequency Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Sleep Stage Classification Based on
Single-Channel EEG, Liangjie Wei, Youfang Lin, Jing Wang and Yan Ma
1.3 AI LOGIC AND CONSTRAINTS I – [Ballroom C] – {Nov. 6 @ 9.45am- 12.15pm}
Session Chairs: Arnaud Lallouet
A Distributed Logical Filter for Connected Row Convex Constraints, T. K. Satish Kumar, Hong Xu, Zheng
Tang, Anoop Kumar, Craig Rogers and Craig Knoblock
Automatic Generation of Descriptions of Time-Series Constraints, Maria Andreina Francisco Rodriguez,
Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson
A Lazy Algorithm to Efficiently Approximate Singleton Path Consistency for Qualitative Constraint
Networks, Michael Sioutis, Anastasia Paparrizou and Jean-François Condotta
Efficient Reification of Table Constraints, Minh Thanh Khong, Yves Deville, Pierre Schaus and Christophe
On Constraint Linear Decompositions Using Mathematical Variables, Thierry Petit
Finding Graph Decompositions via SAT, Wenting Zhao, Mark Liffiton, Peter Jeavons and Dan RobertsHard Neighboring Variables Based Configuration Checking in Stochastic Local Search for Weighted
Partial Maximum Satisfiability, Yi Chu, Chuan Luo, Wenxuan Huang, Haihang You and Dongrui Fan
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3——————————–

Session Chairs: Belaid Benhamou
A Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for Single Machine Scheduling and Flexible Maintenance Planning
Integration under Human Resource Constraints, Meriem Touat, Fatima Benbouzid-Sitayeb, Sabrina
Bouzidi-Hassini and Belaid Benhamou
Extended Kernelized Correlation Tracking with Target Enhancement and Sample Selection, Peng Liu,
Chang Liu, Wei Zhao and Xianglong Tang
Tracking and detecting dynamic communities with node popularity preservation, Limengzi Yuan,
Wenjun Wang, Pengfei Jiao and Di Jin
Optical Flow Based Obstacle Avoidance for Multi-rotor aerial vehicles, Ruijuan Chang, Rong Ding and
Mengxiang Lin
Heuristic approach to guarantee safe solutions in probabilistic planning, Rémi Lacaze-Labadie, Domitile
Lourdeaux and Mohamed Sallak
A Feasible and Terrain-Insensitive Approach for Analyzing Power Wheelchair Users’ Mobility, Fang Li,
Marcus Ong, Yan Zhao, Gang Qian and Jicheng Fu
An F Test Based Method of Estimating the Number of Groups in an Organization, Guangquan Cheng,
Yang Ma, Jincai Huang and Huang Kuihua
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3——————————————
12:15 – 1:30pm: Lunch time [Hotel Foyer]
1:30pm – 4:00pm: Technical Sessions (2.4, 2.5, and 2.6)
2.4 VISUAL COMPUTING – [Ballroom A] – {Nov. 7 @ 1.30pm- 4.00pm}
Session Chairs: Shimei Pan
Effect of Field of View in Stereovision-based Visual Homing, Damian Lyons, Luca Del Signore and
Benjamin Barriage
Visual Relocalization using Long-Short Term Memory Fully Convolutional Network, Lipu Zhou
Weighted Score Based Fast Converging CO-training with Application to Audio-Visual Person
Identification, Xiaodong Duan, Nicolai B. Thomsen, Zheng-Hua Tan, Børge Lindberg and Søren H. Jensen
Sparse Inductive Embedding: An Explorative Data Visualization Technique, Mahlagha Sedghi, Michael
Georgiopoulos and Georgios Anagnostopoulos
How Does A Camera Look At One 3D CAD Object?, Chang Xing, Chengjiang Long, Hao Guo, Yongwei Nie,
Yuan Zhang, Dehai Zhu, Qin Ma and Mengxiao TianAn Ontological Model for Urinary Events, Fabrício Henrique Rodrigues, José Antônio Tesser Poloni,
Cecília Dias Flores, Liane Nanci Rotta and Mara Abel
Detecting People from Beach Images, Ricardo Luna Da Silva, Sergio Chevtchenko, Allan Alves de Moura,
Filipe Rolim Cordeiro and Valmir Macario
2.5 PATTERN RECOGNITION AND ANALYSIS – [Ballroom B] – {Nov. 7 @ 1.30pm- 4.00pm}
Session Chairs: George Tsihrintzis
A Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Tool for Scenario Analysis and Pattern Recognition, Gonzalo Nápoles, Maikel
Leon Espinosa, Isel Grau and Koen Vanhoof
Neural Named Entity Recognition Using a Self-Attention Mechanism, Andrej Zukov-Gregoric, Yoram
Bachrach, Pasha Minkovsky, Sam Coope and Bogdan Maksak
Detection and Recognition of U.S. Warning Signs on Curves, Yifei Fan and Yi-Chang Tsai
Enhancing AlexNet for Arabic Handwritten words Recognition Using Incremental Dropout, Rolla
Almodfer, Shengwu Xiong, Mohammed Mudhsh and Pengfei Duan
Erasure Detection and Recognition on Children’s Manuscript Essays, Marcos Tenorio, Evandro Costa
and Tiago Vieira
Group affect Recognition, Andreas Triantafyllou and George Tsihrintzis
Body Joints Selection Convolutional Neural Networks for Skeletal Action Recognition, Lizhang Hu and
Jinhua Xu
2.6 OPTIMIZATION – [Ballroom C] – {Nov. 7 @ 1.30pm- 4.00pm}
Session Chairs: Philippe Jégou
NAMOA*-T: A New Algorithm for Multi-Objective A* in Time-dependent Graphs. Application to
Weather Routing Optimization, Estelle Chauveau, Philippe Jégou and Nicolas Prcovic
Improved Optimization Methods for Regularized Optimal Transport, Shaobo Cui, Chaobing Song and
Yong Jiang
A Hybrid Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Energy-aware Allocation and Scheduling
Optimization of MPSoCs, Rongjie Yan, Yupeng Zhou, Yige Yan, Minghao Yin, Min Yu, Feifei Ma and Kai
Particle Swarm Optimization based on Dynamic Island Model, Houda Abadlia, Nadia Smairi and Khaled
Dealing with User’s Preferences in Mixed-Initiative Systems for Linear Optimization, Alexis Gauthier,
Jonathan Gaudreault and Claude-Guy QuimperDeviance-aware Discovery of High Quality Process Models, Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Francesco Folino,
Massimo Guarascio and Luigi Pontieri
Online POMDP with Heuristic Search and Sampling Applied to Real Time Strategy Games, Thiago
Naves, and Carlos Lopes
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6——————————————
4:00pm – 4:30pm (Coffee Break) [Hotel Foyer]
4:30pm -7:00pm: Technical Sessions (2.7, 2.8, and 2.9)
2.7 BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL MODELS – [Ballroom A] – {Nov. 7 @ 4.30pm- 7.00pm}
Session Chairs: Maria Virvou
Distributed Algorithm for Egalitarian Matching between Individuals and Activities with Additively
Separable Preferences, Maxime Morge and Antoine Nongaillard
Automatic predictions using LDA for learning through Social Networking Services, Christos Troussas,
Akrivi Krouska and Maria Virvou
New Models for Two Variants of Popular Matching, Danuta Sorina Chisca, Mohamed Siala, Gilles
Simonin and Barry O’Sullivan
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data: Emotions Revealed Regarding Donald Trump during the 2015-16
Primary Debates, Malak Abdullah and Mirsad Hadzikadic
Deep Fusion of Multiple Networks for Learning Latent Social Communities, Pengwei Hu, Keith C.C.
Chan, Tiantian He and Henry Leung
Automated Detection of Substance Use-Related Social Media Posts Based on Image and Text Analysis,
Arpita Roy, Anamika Rupa, Hamed Pirsiavash and Shimei Pan
JRC: A Job Post and Resume Classification System for Online Recruitment, Abeer Zaroor, Mohammed
Maree and Muath Sabha
2.8 RECOMMENDATION SYSTEMS – [Ballroom B] – {Nov. 7 @ 4.30pm- 7.00pm}
Session Chairs: Efthimios Alepis
CURUMIM: A Serendipitous Recommender System for Tourism Based on Human Curiosity, Alan Menk,
Laura Sebastia and Rebeca FerreiraMadrid Live: a context-aware recommender system of leisure plans, Jose Luis Jorro Aragoneses, Belen
Diaz-Agudo and Juan Recio-Garcia
SoGeM: Social Based Generative Model for Top-N Recommendation, Litian Yin, Dong Wang, Xin Xin
and Yue Ding
Give me something unknown: Incorporate Exploration Preference in Cognition into Recommender
System, Daoyi Li, Minlie Huang, Yongfeng Zhang and Xiaoyan Zhu
RecOnto: An ontology to model recommender systems and its components, Jose Luis Jorro
Aragoneses, Gineth Magaly Cerón Rios, Belen Diaz-Agudo, Juan Recio-Garcia and Diego Lopez-Gutierrez
Mapping the Wireless Coverage Grid for Carrier and User Recommendations through Crowdsourcing,
Efthimios Alepis, Aristea Kondogianni and Constantinos Patsakis
Clustering-Based Crossover in an Evolutionary Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time
Windows, Daniel Bustos Coral, Maristela Oliveira Santos and Claudio Fabiano Motta Toledo
2.9 AI LOGIC AND CONSTRAINTS II – [Ballroom C] – {Nov. 7 @ 4.30pm- 7.00pm}
Session Chairs: Arnaud Lallouet
On Computing one max⊆ Consensus, Éric Grégoire, Yacine Izza and Jean-Marie Lagniez
An instance based model for scalable θ –subsumption, Hippolyte Léger, Dominique Bouthinon,
Mustapha Lebbah and Hanane Azzag
Subsumption and Incompatibility between Principles in Ranking-based Argumentation, Philippe
Besnard, Victor David, Sylvie Doutre and Dominique Longin
Multiple fault localization using constraint programming and pattern mining, Noureddine Aribi, Mehdi
Maamar, Nadjib Lazaar, Lebbah Yahia and Samir Loudni
Mixed Radix Weight Totalizer Encoding for Pseudo-Boolean Constraints, Aolong Zha, Naoki Uemura,
Miyuki Koshimura and Hiroshi Fujita
On Selecting Constraints for Replication in Model Checking, Guillaume Baud-Berthier and Laurent
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 2.7, 2.8, and 2.9——————————————
7.00pm – 7.30: Break
7:30pm – 10pm: GALA DINNER [TBA]
8.00pm-10.00pm (During Gala Dinner): Keynote Talk 3
– Prof. Nikolaos Bourbakis, Wright State University, USA
Title: The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact to HumanityEND OF DAY 2
DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY November 8, 2017
7:30am – 8:30am: Registration and Breakfast time [Foyer by Ballroom A]
8:30am – 9:30am: Doctoral Presentations [Ballroom A]
Doctoral Candidate Student Presentations
Moderator: Professor Lefteri H. Tsoukalas
9.30am – 9.45am: Break
9:45am – 12:15 pm: Technical Sessions (3.1, 3.2, and 3.3)
3.1 DECISION AND SELECTION SYSTEMS – [Ballroom A] – {Nov. 8 @ 9.45αm- 12.15pm}
Session Chairs: Joel Carbonera
Uncertainty Management for Rule-based Decision Support Systems, Quratul-Ain Mahesar, Vania
Dimitrova, Derek Magee and Anthony Cohn
Distributed Sequential Decision in Rail Transit Cognitive Radio, Cheng Wu, Yiming Wang and Zhijie Yin
Feature Selection based on Discernibility Function in Incomplete Data with Fuzzy Decision, Wenbin
Qian, Wenhao Shu, Jun Liu and Yinglong Wang
Decision Stream: Cultivating Deep Decision Trees, Dmitry Ignatov and Andrey Ignatov
Distributed negotiation for collective decision-making, Ndeye Arame Diago, Samir Aknine, Sarvapali
Ramchurn and Onn Shehory
Efficient prototype selection supported by subspace partitions, Joel Carbonera and Mara Abel
Gaussian Weighting Reversion Strategy for Accurate On-line Portfolio Selection, Zekun Ye, Kai Huang,
Shuigeng Zhou and Jihong Guan
3.2 TRACKING AND PLANNING II – [Ballroom B] – {Nov. 8 @ 9.45αm- 12.15pm}
Session Chairs: Claudio Fm ToledoEvaluating Hardware Platforms and Path Re-Planning Strategies for the UAV Emergency Landing
Problem, Jesimar Da Silva Arantes, Marcio Da Silva Arantes, Andre Badawi Missaglia, Eduardo Do Valle
Simoes and Claudio Fm Toledo
Real-Time Detection, Tracking and Classification of Multiple Moving Objects in UAV Videos, Hüseyin
Can Baykara, Erdem Bıyık, Gamze Gül, Deniz Onural, Ahmet Safa Öztürk and İlkay Yıldız
Robust Inverse Planning Approaches for Policy Estimation of Semi-Autonomous Agents, Mathieu
Lelerre, Mouaddib Abdel-Illah and Laurent Jeanpierre
Modeling and Solving the Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problem in Picat, Neng-Fa Zhou, Roman Barták, Roni
Stern, Eli Boyarski and Pavel Surynek
RMP-SA: An effective simulated annealing for off-line Robot Motion Planning, Andrea Figueroa,
Elizabeth Montero and María-Cristina Riff
Towards a Safer Planning and Execution Concept, Lukas Chrpa, Jakub Gemrot and Martin Pilat
Open Decentralized POMDP’s, Jonathan Cohen, Jilles Dibangoye and Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
3.3 SMART CITIES AND SMART GRID- [Ballroom C] – {Nov. 8 @ 9.45αm- 12.15pm}
Session Chairs: Miltos Alamaniotis
Intelligent Fault Analysis in Electrical Power Grids, Biswarup Bhattacharya and Abhishek Sinha
A Hybrid Agent-Based and Probabilistic Model for Fine-grained Behavioural Energy Waste Simulation,
Fatima Abdallah, Shadi Basurra and Mohamed Gaber
Using CV-CRITIC to Determine Weights for Smart City Evaluation, Qiaoyun Yin, Ke Niu and Ning Li
Some neighbourhood approaches for the Antenna Positioning Problem, Larbi Benmezal, Belaid
Benhamou and Dalila Boughaci
Enhancing Autonomous Vehicles with Commonsense: Smart Mobility in Smart Cities, Priya Persaud,
Aparna Varde and Stefan Robila
A Local Leader election protocol applied to decentralized traffic regulation, Roua Elchamaa, Maxime
Guériau, Baudouin Dafflon, Rima Kilany and Yacine Ouzrout
Fuzzy Multi-Kernel Approach in Intelligent Control of Energy Consumption in Smart Cities, Miltos
Alamaniotis and Lefteri H. Tsoukalas
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3——————————————
12:15 – 1:30pm: Lunch time [Hotel Foyer]1:30pm – 4:00pm: Technical Sessions (3.4, 3.5, and 3.6)
3.4 AI LOGIC AND CONSTRAINTS III – [Ballroom A] – {Nov. 8 @ 1.15pm- 3.45pm}
Session Chairs: Arnaud Lallouet
Using Gate Recognition and Random Simulation for Under-Approximation and Optimized Branching in
SAT Solvers, Markus Iser, Felix Kutzner and Carsten Sinz
Correlation Heuristics for Constraint Programming, Ruiwei Wang, Wei Xia and Roland Yap
Computing Robust Principal Components by A* Search, Swair Shah, Baokun He, Crystal Maung and
Haim Schweitzer
On Computing Generalized Backbones, Alessandro Previti, Alexey Ignatiev, Matti Järvisalo and Joao
Approximating MAP inference in credal networks using probability-possibility transformations, Salem
Benferhat, Amélie Levray and Karim Tabia
Acquiring Local Preferences of Weighted Partial MaxSAT, Hong Huang, Laura Climent and Barry
Making the first solution good!, Jean-Guillaume Fages and Charles Prud’Homme
3.5 GRAPHS AND NET MODELS – [Ballroom Β] – {Nov. 8 @ 1.15pm- 3.45pm}
Session Chairs: Henry Soldano
A polynomial algorithm for CD of (butterfly,diamond)-free graphs, Sabrine Malek and Wady Naanaa
Protein Loop Modeling Using Deep Generative Adversarial Network, Zhaoyu Li, Son Nguyen, Dong Xu
and Yi Shang
A Numerical Differentiation based Dendritic Cell Model, Wen Zhou and Yiwen Liang
A Local Search Algorithm for the Maximum Weight Clique Problem in Large Graphs, Yi Fan, Cong Rao,
Ren-Hau Liu, Chengqian Li, Zongjie Ma, Kaile Su and Longin Jan Latecki
Pseudo-tree Construction Heuristics for DCOPs and Evaluations on the ns-2 Network Simulator, Atena
M Tabakhi, Reza Tourani, Francisco Natividad, William Yeoh and Satyajayant Misra
Nature-Inspired Graph Optimization for Dimensionality Reduction, Murillo G. Carneiro, Thiago H.
Cupertino, Ran Cheng, Yaochu Jin and Liang Zhao
Hub-Authority Cores and Attributed Directed Network Mining, Henry Soldano, Guillaume Santini,
Dominique Bouthinon and Emmanuel Lazega3.6 TRANSPORTATION ISSUES IN SMART CITIES – [Ballroom C] – {Nov. 8 @ 1.15pm- 3.45pm}
Session Chairs: Miltos Alamaniotis
Drivable Road Detection Based on Dilated FPN with Feature Aggregation, Xiaolong Liu, Zhidong Deng
and Guorun Yang
Intercity Transportation Construction Based on Link Prediction, Yang Ma, Xingxing Liang, Jincai Huang
and Guangquan Cheng
A Language for UAV Traffic Rules in an Urban Environment and Decentralized Scenario, Giuseppe
Lombardi, Eric Medvet and Alberto Bartoli
A constraint-based coordination model to advantage buses in urban traffic, Matthis Gaciarz, Aknine
Samir and Huan Vu
Integrating an adjusted conversational agent into a mobile-assisted language learning application,
Christos Troussas, Akrivi Krouska and Maria Virvou
Computing Multicriteria Shortest Paths in Stochastic Multimodal Networks Using a Memetic
Algorithm, Omar Dib, Alexandre Caminada, Marie-Ange Manier and Laurent Moalic
An Evaluation of Meta-heuristic approaches for improve the separation of multiple Partial Discharge
Sources and Electrical Noise, Elizabeth Montero, Nicolás Medina and Jorge Ardila-Rey
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6——————————————
4:00pm – 4:15pm (Coffee Break) [Hotel Foyer]
4:15pm -6:45pm: Technical Sessions (3.7, 3.8, and 3.9)
3.7 SEMANTIC MODELS – [Ballroom A] – {Nov. 8 @ 4.00pm- 6.30pm}
Session Chairs: Francesco Santini
Properties and Implementation of a Two-step Ranking-based Semantics: On Revising NaE and SC,
Francesco Santini
Identification of generalized communities with semantics in networks with content, Di Jin, Xiaobao
Wang, Dongxiao He, Wenhuan Lu, Francoise Fogelman-Soulié and Jianwu DangA Semantic Web Based Architecture for Assessment Analytics, Nouira Azer, Lilia Cheniti and Rafik
Towards a Semantic Medical Internet of Things, Ahmed Dridi, Salma Sassi and Sami Faiz
Flexible Expert Finding on the Web via Semantic Hypergraph Learning and Affinity Propagation Model,
Yang Yan, Tingwen Liu, Jinqiao Shi, Qiuyan Wang and Li Guo
Time-weighted LSTM Model with Redefined Labeling for Stock Trend Prediction, Zhiyong Zhao, Ruonan
Rao, Jun Shi and Shaoxiong Tu
iOOBN: a Bayesian Network Modelling Tool using Object Oriented Bayesian Networks with
Inheritance, Md Samiullah, Thao Xuan Hoang, David Albrecht, Ann Nicholson and Kevin Korb
3.8 AI APPLICATIONS II – [Ballroom B] – {Nov. 8 @ 4.00pm- 6.30pm}
Session Chairs: Thomas Schmitt
Language Modelling for Collaborative Filtering: Application to Job Applicant Matching, Thomas
Schmitt, Francois Gonard, Philippe Caillou and Michèle Sebag
Efficient Distributed Computing and Maintenance of the Skyline over Imperfect Databases, Elmi Sayda
APHID-Draughts: comparing the synchronous and asynchronous parallelism approaches for the Alpha-
Beta algorithm applied to Checkers, Lidia Bononi Paiva Tomaz, Rita Maria Silva Julia and Matheus Prado
Prandini Faria
A Normative Model for Holonic Multi-agent Systems, Missaoui Ezzine, Mazigh Belhassen, Bhiri Sami
and Hilaire Vincent
Pseudo-Based Relevance Analysis for Information Retrieval, Rong Yan and Guanglai Gao
Intelligent Signal Processing for Dust Storm prediction using Case-based Reasoning, Tariq Saad Al
Murayziq, Stelios Kapetanakis and Miltos Petridis
Dilated Residual Network for Image Denoising, Tianyang Wang, Mingxuan Sun and Kaoning Hu
3.9 MISCELLANEOUS AI IISUES – [Ballroom C] – {Nov. 8 @ 4.00pm- 6.30pm}
Session Chairs: Lefteri H. Tsoukalas
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence, Veronique Ventos, Yves Costel, Olivier Teytaud and Solene
Thepaut Ventos
Epistemic Specifications with Probabilities, Shutao Zhang and Zhizheng Zhang
Topics may Evolve: Using Complaint Data for Analysis, Lu-Yao Xie, Lu-Xia Wang, Heng-Yang Lu, Ning Li
and Chong-Jun WangWhen Vehicular Networks meet Artificial Intelligence, Manuel Fogue, Julio A. Sanguesa, Francisco J.
Martinez and Johann M. Marquez-Barja
Out-of-class novelty generation: an experimental foundation, Mehdi Cherti, Balazs Kegl and Akin
Resource-based Dynamic Rewards for Factored MDPs, Ronan Killough, Kim Bauters, Kevin McAreavey,
Weiru Liu and Jun Hong
Co-construction of adaptive public policies using SmartGov, Simon Pageaud, Veronique Deslandres,
Vassilisa Lehoux, and Salima Hassas
————————————————END OF SESSIONS 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9——————————————
7:00pm: Closing Ceremony and Remarks [Ballroom A]